Welcome to Crawley Cats at Home
Crawley’s First Dedicated Cat Sitting Service

  • Do you enjoy going on holiday?
  • Hate leaving your beloved cat at a cattery?
  • Then we could have a solution!!!
  • Let your cat stay at home, while we cat-sit!!!
  • We will visit your cat in their own home and tend to their needs!!!
  • Peace of mind for you and less stress for your furry friend!!!
  • Send regular text messages on how your cat(s) are
  • We do not look after dogs, as we do not want your cats, to smell a dog's scent on our clothing or hands. This can make them become nervous of us, especially if your cats have had a bad experience, with a dog in the past
  • Our vehicles are not sign written, as we do not want to advertise that your property is vacant whilst you are away
  • We are licenced keyholders by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Giving your keys to someone who doesn't have a licence, means they will be committing a criminal offence when they accept your keys.
  • Just look at my two relaxing at home. No cattery can provide this!!!

Picture of Cat in Cage © Isabelle Plasschaert


Reference Quotes:

A Lever - East Grinstead


Debbie has certainly mastered the art of cat sitting - her regular text updates are an excellent way of satisfying the owner that all is well.

Cassius is a nervous cat and being able to leave him in familiar surroundings is certainly the better option by far to that of leaving him in a cage.

Added to which Debbie can check that all is well with your home, more weight off your mind.

We arrived home to a healthy, happy Cassius, until of course he realised that Debbie wouldn't be visiting anymore for a while and that it most likely meant an end to his regular "treats"

We would certainly use Debbie's services again and would definitely recommend her to other cat owners.

First impressions count and immediately you can tell Debbie is a true cat-lover and will therefore care for your pet as well as you do yourself.

A Lever - East Grinstead