The first time we went away, we worried about leaving Furley!!

The reassurance Debbie gave us before hand at the consultation and then receiving the text message during the time we had away, went a long way to allay our fears Furley would be unhappy!!

On our return, Furley was an extremely contented and relaxed cat and it was almost as though we had never been away. Furley greeted us with the same usual meow as though we had been shopping for an hour.

Debbie is fantastic with the level of care given to our boy and had clearly spent time playing with and giving Furley the affection he needed!!

Debbie does far more than “coming in to feed the cats”!!

If it wasn’t for Debbie our time away would be worrisome.

We have already booked Debbie again so Furley can have the excellent care Debbie provides.

If you are going away book “Crawley Cats at Home”!!!!

C Wright - Southgate