Police Check

The Disclosure Scotland (Police Check Letter), click for a larger version. As of 21/2/2020 name changed from Debbie Wood to Debbie Noakes.

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(The original is available to view at the consultation)

M Green - Southwater


We have used Crawley Cats at Home twice within the last year.

We cannot bear the thought of putting Silky in a Cattery as he was a rescue cat and stuck in a shelter for six months.

This is the perfect solution. Silky gets to stay in his home environment surrounded by the things he loves like his bed(s), toys and familiar smells and noises.

Upon return from holiday Silky is always happy and relaxed. It is quite apparent talking to Debbie that she spends time with him as she knows his little habits and mannerisms.

The text message updates whilst we are away are very welcome and take the edge off the guilt!

We would recommend Crawley Cats at Home without hesitation.

Thank you!!

M Green - Southwater